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Dating Apps for Expats: Revolutionize Your Love Life

Finding a special someone in your home country is hard enough; looking for love abroad can be even harder. Luckily, dating apps for expats are here to help you get back in the game. These popular online tools maximize your […]

Let’s Wrap the Gap: Reducing the Gender Pay Gap

The Best and Worst Countries for Reducing the Gender Pay Gap Globally, only 76 out of 189 countries have laws that mandate gender equality. Gender-based disparity – specifically a gender pay gap, in labor, have the potential to undermine a […]

Guide to Celebrating the Most Popular Holidays Around the World

Although you probably know the holidays of your own country, you can greatly benefit by learning about the most popular holidays that take place in countries that your job sends you to. A little knowledge will help you to better […]

The 7 Best Countries for Expats (And the Top 5 That Aren’t So Welcoming)

Transitioning to a new home can leave you with a mix of emotions and when that new home is in another country emotional stress can be further heightened.

Learning a Language Abroad for Business? Which Should You Choose

Studies show that people who can speak a second language make 10 to 15 percent more in salary than those who don’t. Being bilingual can also help you be more effective in your career as a globetrotting business person. Being able to talk with people in their language will impress clients and make it easier to communicate. It’s also a sign of respect that is sure to give you a leg up on the competition.

Going to College in Germany? France? Explore the Top 10 Countries For Free or Affordable Degrees

The high cost of college tuition has been a big issue in this year’s presidential campaign. According to the College Board, tuition and other costs associated with college averaged around $32,000 per year for private colleges, about $10,000 per year for in-state students at public colleges, and nearly $24,000 per year for out-of-state students attending a public university.

Top Emerging Markets for International Careers

Here are the top 5 emerging markets, based on industry growth, economic forecasts, demographics, and governments taking steps to promote business growth.

5 Travel Health Concerns You Should Look Out For And Why

There is so much to consider when relocating to a new country. Living in a foreign country is fun and exciting. The last thing you want is for your time there to be spoiled by anything — especially your health.

Safe Driving Abroad Keeps Employees Safe and Saves Money

Employees who travel as part of their work often have to drive while on the road. Driving is something we do every day, but it’s also risky. According to the Association for Safe International Road travel, nearly 1.3 million people around the world die in motor vehicle accidents each year, and another 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled.

What You Need to Know About Driving in the UK and Expat Car Insurance

Foreign nationals wishing to drive in the United Kingdom should ensure that they have the correct UK motor insurance for the purpose. Motor vehicle insurance is a legal requirement for driving in the United Kingdom, with third party insurance being the legal minimum cover that drivers are expected to obtain.

Top 4 Vacation Destinations for Expats

Every day, millions of people visit some of the most popular tourist attractions across the globe. Expats are no different- they also want to get away from time to time. The Expat Survey 2013 asked more than 8,000 global expats about their views on a number of topics, including their opinion on the best international vacation destinations.

The Importance of a Global Health Plan to Address Tropical Diseases

Infectious diseases are popping up and becoming rampant in all parts of the world. For companies who do business globally, businesses who send their workers to foreign lands or expats who work away from home, having a solid global health insurance plan that covers tropical diseases is critical.

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