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An internationally focused association offering online guidance and support helping members access travel articles, risk management resources, exclusive benefits and insurance information. We understand that traveling away from home can be exciting and challenging, therefore we aim to provide you with a means to make your transition simpler.


The WorldSmart Association™ is a service association established by WorldSmart Association, Inc. The mission of WorldSmart is to provide its members with access to an ever-growing online community that aims to enhance the international experience through strategic partnerships, content sharing and education.

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WorldSmart contracted with Clements Worldwide to offer exclusive access to their comprehensive auto insurance for individual and organizations. Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide car, property, life, health, specialty and high-risk insurance to clients in more than 170 countries.

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Being an individual or corporate member of the WorldSmart Association means you have access to a wide range of member benefits, all focused on making your time abroad as easy and enjoyable as possible. Benefits are continuously being added so check back regularly to see what new offers you can access.
WorldSmart membership benefits include exclusive access to:
  • Partner discounts
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  • Clements Worldwide insurance products*

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