Finding a special someone in your home country is hard enough; looking for love abroad can be even harder. Luckily, dating apps for expats are here to help you get back in the game. These popular online tools maximize your potential to connect with someone by doing the work for you, without the uncomfortable pickup lines and awkward blind dates. 

Here are the five top dating apps for expats to help expats swipe “right” instead of “wrong.”

1. Tinder 

The most downloadable dating app worldwide, Tinder has revolutionized the dating game over the last eight years and given a whole new meaning to the term “swiping.” Users can swipe their fingers left (to dislike) or right (to like) as they come across profiles of men and women in their local community. While Tinder has many great features such as private messaging for users that have both swiped right, Facebook and Instagram profile integration, and various levels of membership, its best feature lies in its accessibility worldwide. Not only is Tinder available in more than 40 languages, expats living across all seven continents (yes, Antarctica included) are using Tinder to find love, casually date, and meet new people every single day. 

2. Badoo

Available in more than 47 languages across 190 countries, Badoo is the world’s most widely used dating network. Operating on a freemium model (i.e., core services are free), Badoo takes pride in its “Bigger than Dating” tagline. While similar to Tinder in having users swipe and find people nearby, Badoo is unique because it allows users to make connections across the globe through its search functionality. Additionally, expats can feel slightly at ease using Badoo’s safety measures against catfishing. The app lets users request selfies in real-time, connect via video chat, and undergo a photo verification process that is overseen by Badoo’s 5,000+ moderators.

3. InterNations 

Although not a traditional dating app, InterNations made this list because it is the largest global network specifically dedicated to expats. Think, but for expats. Founded in 2007, and now with almost four million members across 420 cities, InterNations labels itself as a community that offers global networking opportunities, local meet-up events, and other expat relevant information. Membership is vetted through an approval process and is offered by various tiered pricing. Users can send other members a “twinkle,” which is InterNations’ way of saying “I think we share some common interests.” InterNations also hosts a worldwide forum where users can create threads, ask questions, and discuss issues related to expats.  

4. Lovoo

Known as the app with a heart, Lovoo is the top dating app for expats residing in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. With more than 70 million members, Lovoo users can play Russian roulette by “discovering” and “playing” with member profiles. You can also look up users by applying search filters, hosting and watching live video sessions, and conversing through daily icebreakers. 

5. Tantan 

Have no fear, Tantan is here! For expats hoping to make a connection in China, India, or nearby Asian countries, Tantan has taken over the market as one of the top downloadable dating apps of 2019. For those who are experienced with Tinder, Tantan’s navigation will look quite familiar. Half social media, half-dating app, Tantan requires users to have an activated Facebook profile. With its getting-to-know-you quizzes, video/audio/chat functionality, and “cross-paths” feature, Tantan can be quite fun to navigate. 

Technology gives expats opportunities to connect now more than ever before. Challenges of yesterday are met with solutions for today, and love may be at your fingertips – literally. 

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