Expats in emerging countries working remotely.

It’s no secret that for a global business to be successful, it needs to expand and discover new markets overseas. As companies grow their outreach by setting up shop in different countries, they open opportunities for expats to build their international careers.

Here are the top 5 emerging markets for international careers, based on industry growth, economic forecasts, demographics, and governments taking steps to promote business growth.

Indonesia, Ready for Growth

With more than 250 million people, Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world. Furthermore, the country seems primed for long-term growth. Although its economy underperformed for years, President Joko Widodo has taken steps to improve the economy, introducing a stimulus package that includes deregulations. It’s designed to cut down on inflation and stabilize currency, with the goal of helping medium and small businesses. Teaching jobs are popular for expats in Indonesia, but there also are international career opportunities in finance, electronics, and engineering. Although obtaining a work permit for Indonesia isn’t easy, many expats are sponsored by their company. Here’s a list of resources to help smooth your transition to Indonesia.

  • Living in Indonesia website ( offers information about life in the country on such topics as housing, schools, medical care as well as forums, organizations and events.
  • The Living in Indonesia forum ( includes job listings
  • English First ( has a page devoted to teaching jobs in Indonesia.

India Growing with Foreign Investment

With the world’s largest democracy and second-largest population, India has been drawing the interest of foreign investors to the point that its growth rate is competing with China’s. India’s leadership has helped as well, taking steps toward economic reform, and focusing on improvements to infrastructure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, elected in 2014, has a reputation as one of the world’s most pro-investment leaders. Investors are drawn to India for its demographics, workforce, and credible legal system, which many say make it a more stable nation than China. Expats are finding international careers in industry sectors including IT, financial services, aviation, pharmaceutical research, and telecommunications in India.

  • Expats considering living in India can go to, which has a section devoted to expat life in India. It includes information about expat life in India, cost of living, language, and more.
  • To find jobs in India, go to

Colombia Eyes Growth

Colombia’s growth rate declined in 2015, but it remains an economic leader among Latin American countries, and it’s expected to improve its growth rate in 2016 and 2017. Low oil prices are having a negative effect on government revenues, but upgrading of infrastructure to airports and highways is underway, and is expected to bring both short-term and long-term benefits.

Furthermore, the expected signing of a peace agreement between Colombia’s government and the rebel group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia this March is expected to increase confidence and boost investment and jobs. On the other hand, quality of life in the country is not up to standards, with high levels of poverty and limited education and health care. Teaching English is the most popular of the international careers among expats in Colombia, with other options including technology, health care, and manufacturing.

  • The website has a page offering information about Colombia with information about the people and culture of Colombia, along with schools, places to live, and safety.
  • For jobs in Colombia, go to
  • The website is a Spanish-language site with listings for computer jobs in Colombia.

Kenya, Home of Africa’s Silicon Valley

Although Kenya’s tourism business has taken a hit because of terrorism, specifically a 2014 attack on a shopping mall that killed 67 people, its status as an importer of energy is giving the country a reputation for having a stronger economy than Africa’s other large economies. Low oil prices have allowed Kenya to increase the amount it exports.

Kenya’s efforts in the energy field don’t end there. It’s a player in both geothermal energy and wind power, and is getting high praise for taking advantage of its natural resources in ways that are smart economically and environmentally.

Another growing sector in Kenya is technology. The capital of Nairobi is often called “Africa’s Silicon Valley,” with Google, Intel, Nokia and Microsoft setting up shop there. Last year, IBM opened its first research lab in Africa in Nairobi.

Meanwhile, the “Konza Technology City,” has begun development and set to host outsourcing offices for businesses, shopping malls, hotels, and a science park. The first phase is expected to open 21 parcels on 60 acres for investment before year’s end. As technology, finance, and energy are growing fields, there are plenty of job opportunities for expats. They can also look for management jobs with major companies.

Economic Growth and Energy in Mexico

Mexico’s growth rate is gaining attention with consistent GDP growth expected through the next two years. Natural resources such as petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, and natural gas make Mexico a key exporter of energy and materials. Manufacturing also is increasing. The government also is taking steps with an interest rate hike and a promise to cut spending.While Mexico still needs to work on providing clean water and adequate medical care, the country is getting praised for improving the quality of life in some neglected regions. Manufacturing, energy, mining, and tourism offer job opportunities.

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